Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Potential is Possible

Ok. We did it, we are homeowners. Its a 3 bedroom, 2 bath that needs a little love. So, here are a few pictures of what Dave and I got ourselves into. We both see great potential for this home which was built in 1968 and was rented for 25 years or so. With some care and some elbow grease on a good solid foundation, this house should look like a home, right? Well hopefully...Here is a some views from the living room/dining room, along with the "entryway".


Our fabulous kitchen...need I say more? 

This is the our den which is off the kitchen and living room. The first thing that Dave planned to do is to remove the shelving and decide if we can remove part of the wall of the den and kitchen nook area, stay tune to see how that went. Let the demolition begin!


Check out the office too. There also is a second bedroom that is slightly bigger. This guest bathroom, behind the color floral wallpaper was the this blue and yellow stripped wallpaper. We began to rip that off and we definitely removed some of the dry-wall, awesome.


Our bedroom, look its Tux! At this point, Tux hadn't really understood why I was taking all of these pictures or what we were doing in this house that smelt weird, so I guess he gave up and decided to help out and become apart of the scenery. Our master bathroom has this blue tile which for some strange reason, I kind of like it. We shall see how long that last, although the wallpaper, even if they are "fleur de lis" or irises, its gotta go.