Monday, October 11, 2010

Before & After: The Big Reveal!

As Dave said before we both have been very busy with other stuff than working on the house like celebrating our football teams and having a blast with friends and family! Way to go Auburn, 6-0! Hopefully the gators can get back on their game! Not to mention I've been pretty busy at work too, my home away from home. Speaking of the home, ours is really starting to look and feel like one. I wouldn't say that we are completely finished but its comfortable enough now that we can sit back and prop up our heels without worrying about something. We still have things to hang, decor to buy and I still have some furniture pieces that I want to get my hands on but in the meantime, it really helps that we have this super soft, fabulous new sofa to help us relax! So let me take you back from a year ago so you can see all the changes we done!

The Living Room & Dining Room Before:

The Living Room & Dining Room After:
In the living room, I still need to get two side tables to go on either side of the sofa. I also think we need another seat in this room. I've been spying this slipper chair at Target that would go perfect with it. Of course I need some pillows too and I just gotta finish hanging up some awesome photos I have from a friend! One decision that you might help me with is the banister. We currently don't have a hand rail in place, we don't have children and don't see the need for it. But when that day comes or when we decide to move, do we add one? Something to think about...


Our Den before:


Our Den After:
For the den, I want to find and purchase a rug, I'm think a 5x8 or even a 6x9. Gotta save up for that one. Dave and I also want some extra seating in the den. On the other side of the french doors, closest to the kitchen is a terrific spot for a nice leather chair and ottoman. However it will be a chair that is stylish and comfortable, sorry Lazy Boy or Ashley Furniture, you guys are out! And no, Dave's chair will not have a cooler in its armchair. For now, Dave can dream but eventually he'll have his man chair.

Our Kitchen Before:

The Kitchen After:
The kitchen is nearly complete. All I want is my backsplash. Maybe that could be a 2011 project? And we also need a small light above the sink. 

The Hallway Before:

The hallway After:

The Master bedroom and master bath Before:

The Master bedroom  and Master bath After:
Our bedroom is fine for now. We really want to replace the carpet in this room as well as the other remaining rooms. I have a few decorating things that I need to tidy up but thats really it. As for the bathrooms, thats another story. We've made the bathrooms manageable. Dave and I want to completely renovate the master bath, everything except the blue tile. I like the blue tile, but everything else must go.

The Guest room before:

The guest room after:
The guest room is finished, just have one or two arts and crafts framing projects that I want to do. And of course, replace the carpet.

Office before:

The office After:
The office is probably the least done out of all the rooms. Honestly, we have too much stuff; too many keep-sakes, random things people gave us or we inherited. One weekend after football season, Dave and I need to do an organization overhaul for this room and the garage. Sounds fun huh? Once we get this room just a bit more organized then I feel like I can actually do some decorating. 

The Hall Bathroom before:

The hall bathroom after:
Its still pretty scary in there. I tore down the layers of wall paper in the first month we lived in the house and haven't gone back since. We want to completely renovate the hall bath too. New toilet, vanity, add bead board with a chair rail and thats right, put up more wall paper; although the wallpaper won't be covered in dainty little flowers or yellow sailboats.

Thats the house for now, we've come a long way but its not complete yet!

Monday, October 4, 2010


No not the anniversary of the blog, our anniversary! Two years since we were married and look how far we've come. There is much more to do though. Even though the blog has been slow lately it will start to come back to life soon. We've had house guests almost every weekend and all of you SEC types know that for 12 Saturdays a year everything is dropped for that most holy of sports. Thanks to all you readers and I promise I will get some new stuff up soon!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Drab to Fab!

Dave and I have been super busy finishing up the house or at least make our house a bit more livable. We got rid of most of the stinky carpet and finished up our floors, just in time for our first house guest since the big floor reno. The floors look great and our house is really starting to shape up now. One thing that I wanted to get done before we finished the floors was to paint our hutch that we are now using as a bar. I want to paint it before the floors were completed so I wouldn't have to bother with being super-duper careful if I was to paint indoors. The hutch is very pretty but it needed a little updating from that rustic look. So I decide to go with a little glam. I choose Martha Stewart's Lagoon which I believe I recently told you in a previous post. Well its done. And I think it looks great. I think it definitely added a bit of charm to this old piece. I have to admit, when I put on the first coat I was thinking, "oh my, what have I done?!" but in the end it turned out perfect! Take a look see from the before to the after!


I'm not sure if you are a fan of painted furniture but I think it turned out great!