Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Drab to Fab!

Dave and I have been super busy finishing up the house or at least make our house a bit more livable. We got rid of most of the stinky carpet and finished up our floors, just in time for our first house guest since the big floor reno. The floors look great and our house is really starting to shape up now. One thing that I wanted to get done before we finished the floors was to paint our hutch that we are now using as a bar. I want to paint it before the floors were completed so I wouldn't have to bother with being super-duper careful if I was to paint indoors. The hutch is very pretty but it needed a little updating from that rustic look. So I decide to go with a little glam. I choose Martha Stewart's Lagoon which I believe I recently told you in a previous post. Well its done. And I think it looks great. I think it definitely added a bit of charm to this old piece. I have to admit, when I put on the first coat I was thinking, "oh my, what have I done?!" but in the end it turned out perfect! Take a look see from the before to the after!


I'm not sure if you are a fan of painted furniture but I think it turned out great!

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  1. Girl!! That looks fantastic; I definitely like it with the back panel painted, too. And your accents a lovely -- really polishes it off. Love it!

    xo, Shanna