Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Hey everybody! There was a first this weekend. This was the first weekend that Adriene and I did absolutely nothing but enjoy our house!!! Saturday was the first Auburn football game so we had friends in all weekend tailgating, then thanks to Neal and Lynsey we spent Sunday and Monday at the lake. It was a great weekend and even though there is much more to be done it is nice to sit back and just be at home.

This is not going to become a trend though as we have two bathrooms left that need to be renovated, bedrooms that need to be re-carpeted, and all the other army of things that Adriene has yet to let me know about...

So on to a serious topic, Florida football. I mean seriously 13 mishandled snaps is not acceptable and I am worried about them getting that fixed in just five practices. The defense played great and when they could get past the fundamental mistakes the offense played pretty well. Brantley seemed to be fairly confident back there though.

OOPS, well at least that is out of my system, back to the house, really people who else thinks that the refs delivered that game to Boise St. in the end, oh well. Oh yeah, our office. We still have carpet in there, it is in pretty good shape but we also have around four boxes of wood floors left over from the rest of the house. The office will be a workout/office/extra guestroom////////////nursery (notice that I added several extra slashes to that one).

It kind of throws off the balance of having carpeted all of the back rooms, but I think that it would make the office a little more sophisticated. Also it would save us some $$$ on new carpet. To floor the office would not cost too much, we estimate that we would need two more boxes of flooring (around $150), and to rent the nailer again ( around $30). So what do y'all think about that? Seriously we would like to hear your opinion on that and all our work so far. Adriene has gotten several ideas from her other daily blogs and we hope that with your help we can add our two cents into the home design blog-o-sphere.

PS. We have a three piece sectional sofa for sale, would anyone be interested??? Its a Norwalk and is in really good shape!

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