Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Demolition Days

So we've purchased the floors, now what? David and I have entered, yet again demolition days. We have been ripping, scraping, and sniffling our way through our layers of linoleum and carpet. First we were pretty excited and very eager to get it all done...here we are taking the linoleum out in the den on demolition day 1.

Here I am on day 3. David said my expression said it all. I was now wondering why we were still doing this. We even had a slight injury, David cut himself on some wood that was sticking out around the refrigerator.

Nasty right? But as days of work set in, we ended up beaten, broken and sick. A word of warning, please make sure that you wear masks when you are doing the work. It took us a little longer to get our floors prepped because we got sick due to all of the dust, maybe some fiber-glass and a little bit of asbestos. I'm a lot better but Dave still has the sniffles and a slight cough. Now we are done with the first part of our floor prep. We still need to lay the felt, get some of other stuff in order and then begin laying the actual floor down. After this part of the house is done, we get to start the entire process over again with the living room. Luckily we don't have to deal with linoleum! Take a look at all of our hard work.

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