Friday, July 16, 2010

Living Room Pump Up

This is currently what our living room looks like. It needs a plan of some sort. The sofa and coffee table will stay in their location. The sofa is a little dated but its really comfortable and easy to keep clean. I think with the right coordinating pillows, it will look much better. The rocking chair will be moved to the office or the den. The wood side table (which Dave calls 'a stump') will go in the den. Once David and I get finished with the floor installation, I can really start getting our furniture where it needs to be. In the meantime, I've recently put together another mood board for our living room. Since we've lived here for a bit, I now know what I want each room to look like.

1. The living room and dining room are painted the same color, Lovely Buff by Valspar. The other colors will be accent colors throughout the room. 

2. I found this print at Z Gallerie and I thought, I can just paint this on a gallery canvas. I think adding some contemporary pieces to our home might add a little spunk but still keep it classy. Plus, if you know me and know my style, you know I love anything that has any circular design to it. I can blame my freshman design instructor, Professor Dunlap, for that obsession. This piece will be hung at the top of the stairs. (above tux in our current living room photo)

3. We are keeping our coffee table just as it is. I don't want to overload the room with multiple different types of wood stains so I want to add two glass side tables from Crate and Barrel on either side of the sofa. I hope by doing this, it will keep the room looking large and give it some airy-ness (believe I just made up that word). 

4. I found two lamps at TJ Taxx very similar to this one that was at Crate and Barrel last fall. Not bad for $30.00 a piece. The lamps will of course go on top of the glass side tables.

5. I love, love this rug from CSN Rugs! It reminds me of one that Pottery Barn use to have. This yellow rug will show nice contrast between our floors and our wooden coffee table. 

6. I have been eyeing this linen slipper chair at Target for almost a year now. I promised myself I wouldn't buy it until Dave and I were ready for our living room to become the living room. The chair will be in place of the rocking chair. The linen fabric will hopefully add some texture to this boring room!

7. Black console table. This console table once was David's mothers. She never liked the stain and didn't have room for it in her new home. So like a lot of our furniture, it was handed down which we are very grateful. I painted it black and it looks like a brand new table. A new table that was made well. This table will be at the top of the stairway, across from the slipper chair and sofa. I plan on hanging an arrangement of photographs and prints in white frames to create a balanced collage.

8. The Bar/hutch, another hand-me-down. I really like the shape and its the perfect size for a bar, but it needs something. I first thought about just painted to back bead board, but after thinking a bit more; that just isn't enough. Another thing that I had to consider now is that our floors and the hutch are pretty much the same color. If I don't do something to it, its gonna look like a big 'brown' blob extending from the floor. So I've decided to paint the entire piece a lovely blueish-teal and replace the knobs with clear glass knobs from Anthropologie. The official color is Lagoon from Martha Stewart. The teal color will really make the piece stand out. Some people might be hesitant about painting a piece of old furniture but I think paint gives some of those old pieces a second life. One good thing about the color I have chosen, lagoon, is that it can be inter-changeable throughout the seasons. The bar/hutch will be moved over to where the entertainment center is currently living. 

In the area where is bar is, I am gonna get David to hang a photo collage of David and I when we were kids. You'll see that update real soon! I'm really excited about seeing it all come together. Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Cheryl Casey FryerJuly 16, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    Looks like you have been on the ball with your creative side.