Monday, February 8, 2010

Keep it in the closet

In the previous post, you saw that we had painted horizontal stripes down the hallway well I have finally been able to organize some things. Dave and I now have one fully-functional closet. We have a total of seven closets which I believe is a nice average for a home that was built in the '60s or I could be wrong. Here is the simon-house closet breakdown: a coat closet in the living room, a nice size storage closet in the dining room, the hall closet, two closets in the office, a walk-in closet in the guest room and the master walk-in closet. When we moved in the closets were pretty gross and dingy, so they are needed to be painted. I have painted four closets so far (*all closets will be white) but I'm still arranging a few of them so if any of you are reading this you'll get a chance to see the finished product really soon. Our fully-functional closet is the hallway. I decided to keep with the now and try to completely finish an area of the house! But can you believe that I was able to get rid of two or three boxes? It felt amazing to break down that cardboard and have Dave recycle them. Our linen closet is not special it contains all your basics: bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, kitchen towels and rags, bed linens, beach towels, TP, spare pillows, blankets/quilts and comforters. I used baskets to help keep things in their place. Heres a glimpse of our hall closet. A side note, I think I need a new camera. Something fun and flashy...



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