Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kitchen Reno: Chapter Three

So last time I believe filled you guys in about the kitchen was the destruction of wall in between the kitchen and the living room. David was able to finish the wall and put in a new door frame between the two rooms. I'm so lucky I married a 'handy' man, or a guy that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty! Take a look at my guy at work!

After that we removed all of the cabinet doors. We were thinking that we would just re-face the doors with some fresh paint and maybe a glaze but after much thought and consideration, we decided to scrap 'em. After all that sanding, I called Dykes Cabinets. Mr. Dykes is going to create a new kitchen for us! We'll be getting all new doors with interior hinges, more cabinets that will go on right side of the new gas range, plus he will be building a 'refrigerator wall/cabinet'. I'm not sure what you call the thing that wraps around your fridge and it has cabinets above it? What can I say, I'm a blonde. We also plan to add top molding to the existing cabinets and the new ones. Once its all said and done its gonna be great! But for now this is the kitchen, beware...hazardous viewing...


Since we have been waiting to get our kitchen cabinets, I've been able to really brainstorm on how I want the kitchen. As I said before the cabinet color will be Woodrow Wilson Linen by Valspar and the kitchen walls will be the Churchill Hotel Wheat, a light goldish-tan. The countertops will be a brown/tan granite from Marble and Granite Works in Opelika. They will install an under-mount sink too when they cut the granite. So in the mean time, I went window shopping. Here is what the granite will kind of look like, for the backsplash, I'm thinking a field tile like you see in the photo or maybe subway tile, we will just have to see once its all together.

Possible kitchen faucet, I think I'm leaning toward option #2:


Cabinet Hardware, rubbed bronze knobs and pull handles for the drawers:


Kitchen Lighting: I've already purchased a track light for the kitchen from Ikea. Its stainless and it will match the stainless appliances. I wanted to go with track lighting to obtain the best lighting for a narrow space and our ceilings are only 8 feet tall so I didn't want a pendant that might hang too low. I would like to add under-the-cabinet lighting, we'll see if Dave will let me have that! Cross your fingers! For the kitchen dining area, our friend Alex gave us a old pedestal table that he wasn't using. We sanded and painted it a slightly different cream color. Here is the pedestal table, I haven't put a top coat on it yet so it still might look a little rough. And the table will actually go in the kitchen area, not the den of course, if you can even call it a den yet!

Here is my shopping list for the eat-in kitchen: 4 chairs from Pottery Barn but I would like to some something with a pottery barn look but a flee market price. I'm not sure if I go with the woven wicker look or the modern metal look?

The lighting is a big issue! Does anyone watch ABC's Cougar Town? I like the show but I love, love, love the set design. If I find this light pendant that Jules (The cougar) has in her kitchen I am buying it! One problem, I can't seem to find it! Anywhere! A little help? If I can't find it, Pottery Barn never lets me down, that will be an option 2. But seriously, where might I find this amber light pendant?!

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