Monday, May 10, 2010

Painting & a mail station

Here are some photos of our mail/message station in the kitchen. We mounted a plain cork board and I also create a magnetic chalk board which we hung on the side of our refrigerator. My mother-in-law had an old frame that she wasn't using so I took it off her hands. I first painted it with some left over paint then I removed the backing, replaced that with a thin aluminum sheet which I had painted with chalk board paint. 


On the other side of the kitchen I saw some great prints off etsy and thought to myself, "I could do that!" I used watercolor paint, I changed up the color some of my inspiration but I think they turned out great! Purchased some cheap-o frames from target, and then done. It only took a day. Pretty crafty!



  1. Adriene! I really like your veggie paintings! You guys are doing such a great job fixing up the house.

  2. I've got to get back there and see everything!