Friday, May 7, 2010

Decorating in Stages

Good morning! So I haven't been able to do a post lately because I've been extremely busy at work, you know end of the school year deadlines and everyone needs a project done now. And my summer isn't going to be too relaxing either, we have several projects going on and our communication and marketing team is gearing up for an exciting fall! It been really great though, good to be busy. But to be honest, Dave and I haven't done much to the house since we've gotten the kitchen in order. I've been doing some projects here and there, but I haven't finished any of them! We've been saving up just a little more to do the floors. After that we will be able to move our entertainment area into the den where it belongs. Our living room is beginning to shape up a little more; we only have just a few boxes now! 



I still would like to move around some things. The bar-hutch will have a 'pop' color painted on its backing, and maybe a black wash over the entire piece, and then I want to move the bar-hutch where the television is. I'm still torn on the color. That will decide the mood of the room. I also have a console table that I need to refinish which is currently in the den just waiting for me! Dave and I really want hardwood flooring installed to replace the carpet because I don't know if you can see all the stains in the photos but they are pretty noticeable in person.


See only just a few more boxes! Our dining table is pretty much crap. We don't even have chairs to match it! We've hung the Ikea shelves and I'm still trying to design a layout for the shelves. Try to obtain that effortless-thrown together look but still tasteful while maintaining an interesting look. I'm probably just thinking too much about it! I loved the shelves so much I just purchased two smaller ones for our office. I'm starting to dread our office project. We have lots of stuff to go through and hopefully some re-arranging too. Of course I wish I could wave my magic wand, if I had one, and "poof" it would all be done to my liking! So for now we are decorating in stages to try to make our home feel like home. Now I'll leave you will a horrifying photo of our office. Maybe I can get Dave to paint the closets for me this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed! We also gotta remember to see your moms for Mother's Day! One busy weekend!

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