Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen Reno: Chapter six-Holding On

Last week we put all 23 door knobs and 10 draw handles. In the end the brushed nickel won out over the rubbed oil bronze because it matched the stainless appliances better and we also have a silver light fixture from Ikea hanging in the kitchen. I think it looks pretty good. We also finished a small project this week in the kitchen, more pictures soon!

Things we still have to do:
1. Install countertop lighting
2. Find a good reliable tile installer, we don't want to do it ourselves because I'm not comfortable using a wet saw, don't think Dave is either. I've ordered the tile for the backsplash (picture coming soon) but we have yet to find anyone that will return our phone calls. Contact me if you want my do-not-call list or have a good contact. Don't want to announce it over the WWW if others have had good experiences with these local contractors (marble & tile people in particular...)
3. minor decor decisions, watercolor art in the kitchen. Maybe a project tonight? Fun Friday,huh?
4. Paint the door in the entryway (never got around to that!)
5. FLOORS.....

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Gorgeous! Congrats on the kitchen! The rest of your to do list isn't too bad, such progress!!! :)