Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a Load of Garbage

Staying with the trend of our kitchen updates, we needed to get some upgrades. After the under-mount sink was put in, we needed to replace the garbage disposal. It was loud and half the time it didn't work, granted we only used it just a few times. Most of all this thing was nasty, plus it hadn't been used in a while because David disconnected the old dishwasher back in November and its just been sitting there festering. Ew. David ended up going with the InSinkErator. Its the mid-grade of our choices of food/garbage disposal. Isn't it pretty, as David does his best Vanna White and/or Price Is Right girl. Wasn't sure what he was channeling.

Although it came with directions and David said it wasn't difficult to install. It did look quite complicated. You have all these pipes and things to connect to it. He said the hardest part was disconnecting the old one only due to the vile smell that was coming from it. He replaced all of the pipes under the sink and everything runs very smoothly. My only request was that he take a shower before doing anything else after that. Didn't have to tell him twice. I am pretty proud of my plumber, electrician, semi-carpenter, painter of a husband. Not to mention, that this is the most quiet food disposal I've ever heard! If you are looking for a new disposal, I definitely recommend this one.

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