Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All Tuckered Out

I guess from all of our work in the kitchen, Tux is ready for some quality time on the sofa with the folks. He has worked pretty hard these past few weeks. I think he believes he's a good painter because he's always trying to help us out, but bumping into freshly painted walls, doors and cabinets. Maybe he's trying to smooth the paint out for us. Unfortunately, the only praise Tux gets is a bath. Poor guy. I also think that our little guy has been asking for a brother or a sister. There's no chance in extending our family in human numbers, absolutely not. Too young! But maybe in puppy numbers. Not right now, but maybe later. I didn't just cook this idea up all by myself. Tux has been hinting for a while. Here's how we know. Tux was born in October 2004 and we were able to take him home that December. Tux was my Christmas present to David that year and I wanted to remind him that the cute little thing sitting on his lap then was a gift from me. So I found a schnauzer stuffed animal and put a red bow around it to remind David of Tux. Silly, I know. Well that stuffed animal turned into one of Tux's toys a few years after that. He's ripped the nose off and it almost got shredded in a tug-of-war fight with his friends Georgia and Houston. (Atlanta schnauzers, what can I say!) Just kidding, they are the sweetest. But anyways, beginning of last year Tux has been doing odd things with his schnauzer. Nothing inappropriate! But he's been carrying it around to each room of the house checking out everything. Making sure its safe of course. Then he puts it in his bed. We've even seen him "tuck his schnauzer in", dog owners you know what I'm talking about (moving the bed cushion around to make it just right.) He carefully places his doggy in the area that he's fix. Odd. And thats why we think he might want a buddy. Here Tux with his schnauzer.

Well if we get a puppy later, I'm not sure if its gonna be a schnauzer. I've always loved the look of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but I don't like their hair and the fact that they shed. I've actually grown quite fond of the terrier group. Maybe an Irish Terrier? Who knows! We gotta get out of our "construction zone" before we get a puppy! Tux will just have to wait for now. Plus I don't think he's gonna like sharing the spotlight. We do love our little guy and wanted to give him the spotlight he deserves so we framed a photo of him in the hall. It was a good photo of him, as you can see he either loves or hates the camera, depends on his day!

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  1. Did you get the message that Chris left with David about the mini schnauzer puppies for sale up here for $125? The Atlanta schnauzers love playing with Tux. What are you doing next weekend?