Monday, April 5, 2010

Kitchen Reno: Chapter Five

Ok, I know its been over a week since we showed any progress in the kitchen but David and I are about 95. 9% done! We have finished painting, granite has been set, done with electricity & gas, installed the appliances, etc. etc. Take a look at our almost-grand kitchen!

Isn't it nice? We have a few more things to do however. As you can see from the photos, we still have our backsplash to tend to. I had thought that I wanted to do that project myself, but I really would like to just get it done. We rather pay someone to do it right in a day than it take us a week or so to do an OK job. We need to purchase cabinet hardware. I think I am now gonna go with a brushed nickel as oppose to the bronze, it will coordinate with the over head light in the kitchen. David will need to center the kitchen table light over the table because the refrigerator extends into the eat-in-kitchen area a little so we had to adjust the placement of the table so walkways could be accessible. Hang curtains and blinds. Install countertop lighting above the sink and above the work prep area. And then the big elephant in the room...the floors. We haven't decided on what to do about the floors yet. We want to install hardwood but I think we are only gonna have a little over $2,000 in our budget when its all said-and-done. We'll have to crunch some numbers. 

Things to do in the kitchen before we can take a break:
1. Install Backsplash-spoke with tile dude and getting estimates today
2. Purchase hardware-look at Lowe's to find something we like, find it on-line for cheap!
3. Install countertop lighting-no biggy, Dave's job.
4. DIY project: entryway (cork board, chalk board, & magnet station) on fridge cabinet. 
5. Move and hang kitchen table light
6. Hang blinds and curtains
7. Prime & paint entry door from the garage/basement-done today!
8. decide on floors...

I think that is almost everything though I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Here are some detail photos of the kitchen for you too. Look a real dishwasher!

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