Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guest Room: Revealed

You've seen glimpses of the guest room when I was working on the desk and lamps, but its pretty much complete now. I call this my fun, artsy-fartsy room. Its full of color but not too loud. I think my mom would call this chaotic! The guest room gives me a chance to show some of my paintings without them being so out of place. I do have to finish a few minor decor details and replace the ceiling light fixture with a ceiling fan. I do plan to hang something over the bed but I haven't quite started on that project yet. My great-aunt did a lot of crochet throughout her life, but now she isn't able due to her health. I've recently come to own a good deal of her work though some of it is unfinished. I want to take a few of her patterns and get them framed. A collection of sorts...It will add great texture to the room plus it will be nice to have my Aunt E's work hanging up near my own. Here are a few more photos of our guest room. Photo note: I think that we need something in the far corner with the chair. The chair is huge, it goes with the sofa that is in the living room but our living room is too small to pair with the sofa.

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