Friday, April 9, 2010

Let There Be Light!

I hope everyone is having a glorious Friday! This week was yet another exciting week at the Simon household. It was like Christmas morning as each box arrived. What was in the boxes? It was the light pendants that I've been dreaming about, the CB2 Eden pendant and the Ballard Designs amber pendant that I saw on the show Cougar Town. Which by the way, they have changed that gorgeous light to some generic almost ugly light. I'm not sure the set designer would've changed it. Why change when you've got a good thing going, thats what I say. The lights really make each room. We put the Ballard Design light in the kitchen and the CB2 pendant in the dining room area. 

I must apologize for my photography skills. I really need to update our family camera too. But don't the lights look great? The kitchen chairs are from David's mothers home, they are Ethan Allen circa 1977. We could pass up the opportunity to own something vintage. The chairs are very comfortable and give our kitchen a nice 'cozy casual' style. We still need to hang our bamboo blinds and curtains in the kitchen. Did you notice that we did get Vivan curtains hung in the living room though? They really bring a nice quality to our living room. A great upgrade for a great price, only $9.99 at IKEA. We found our curtain rods at Target, another great deal. 


The light fixture that was originally in the dining room was a simple five light brass chandelier. I didn't want to toss it out or purchase another light to go over our entire way so with the help of some white spray paint and some electrical work in the attic; we were able to save this poor dated chandelier. Now we got to patch the ceiling, so much fun. Does anyone out there know how to get that 'star' texture effect on ceilings? We've tried on other areas that needed patching but it doesn't quite look right. Any suggestions?

Happy Weekend! Soak up some sunshine!

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