Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ahh, a design pitch..

Good morning! I got to work today and received a funny email about a yahoo digital short from another designer on campus. If anyone is reading this blog and is also a designer, then you'll see this humor in this youtube video. I think its really funny and true in some aspects. Well, think about it, we are always trying to be trendy, we talk in circles explaining our concepts (some of us), work long hours which we aren't paid well, don't enjoy criticism, and usually have to work with a tiny-tinny budget. Enjoy! 

As for house updates, I feel like Dave and I haven't really been motivated to work much on the house. I know we have only been there for three months or so, but you get anxious and tired all at the same time especially when you have all these idea bubbles in your head. What a mess! We are currently working on the kitchen and its such a long, drawn-out project that I just tired of looking at it. There are so many decisions to make when you are working on a kitchen. What kind of countertops? cabinets? layout? flooring? etc. etc. The list could go on, not to mention that we want to get the best bang for our buck so we have to get a thousand different estimates from multiple companies. How do you decide who is the best? If there is anyone reading this blog at all, how do you get through the "lazy" periods and how do you know if you are making the best decisions all the while trying to be money-savvy plus getting what you want? If anyone wants to help prime the rest of kitchen this evening, just give me a ring!

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