Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Going Green

A few weeks ago I picked up my old desk from my mother's home which was also her desk when she was growing up. It's gonna go in our guest room to be use as a desk, of course, and a bed side table. Originally it was cream and gold, very vintage, and then when I got it when I was a little girl it was painted white with an inter-changeable trim. Its been pink, blue, and black. Since its completely mine now, I decided a go a little bit more bold. Green. I went with Behr's Asparagus. Here is how it turned out!


Here is what it looked like before.


Our guest room is almost done. I just need to hang a few pieces and change out the light fixture and I think that room will be pretty much complete. Here are some images of the desk in the guest room. That is one of my paintings by the way. It needs to be framed. I still need to finish up the desk with some maintenance to a draw or two. 

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