Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Projects


Tired of all the clutter in your house? Me too. I think this weekend I'll be going through our office closet to determine what is needed and what is not. Dave and I are very close to getting almost all of the bedrooms/office livable. Then we can organize the office and start using that room. I wish I could say "poof" and our office would look like this:


For great office organizational tips go to: I do wish we had the container store near us, a girl with an A-type personality could go crazy in there! If I get through all of that stuff in the office, then, remember those lamps I purchased? If it doesn't rain I plan on painting those. Then, I'll get to painting the desk too, pictures soon! Or maybe I'm bitting more off than I can chew. Not to mention I gotta help the mom this weekend too with the same stuff. There comes a point in your life you just have to wonder why you have all the stuff you do. If Dave and I ever start a family, our kids are gonna know what the salvation army is. If they have grown out of it, don't play with it, or lost interest, we're not gonna keep it around for the fun of it. Sorry mom, should've made us go through our things at least every 2-4 years. Pretty closets make me happy, but knowing me I'll probably just paint the desk and lamps and skip the whole closet clutter and do that during the week. 

Happy Weekend and wish for sunshine!

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