Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've Got a Crush

In a pervious post I said that I was in love with the light pendant that I saw while watching ABC's Cougar Town. I spent a while looking for it and come to find out that it was right under my nose. I'll occasionally go virtual shopping (window-shopping on-line) sometimes and I was checking out Ballard Designs and I couldn't believe it but I found my light! One problem...its $200.00 Not sure if I want to pay $199 for a kitchen light pendant?! I think I'm sure gonna have to cyber stalk this light to see if it goes on sale. Then I have to decide what color do I choose? Amber with Bronze trim and black cord or Celadon with silver trim and white cord? Would you go ahead a buy it, wait for the sale or find another light entirely or something similar? 


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