Wednesday, June 30, 2010

David Battles the Basement

So we have very usable 700+ square foot basement/Garage. The picture above demonstrates just how usable we have found it though. Thanks to busy schedules, traveling, and some good old fashioned lazy, the mess has gotten pretty crazy. Fortunately for us I have decided that the only way to get myself motivated to start working on the house again is to start a project that I can finish completely.

Imagine this scene:

(It's Monday around 6 PM, David comes home from working hard all day)

David: Honey, I'm home!
Adriene: Oh David I am glad your home. I love you so much!
D: Thanks babe, whatcha' wanna do this evening?
A: I was thinking that I would make your favorite dinner and then give you a back rub while you watch Arrested Development and play video games.
D: That sounds pretty good but I think that I would like to work on the house some more. Which project would you like me to work on?
A: Are you sure!?! I know that you worked very hard today assuring the students that all their information technology continued to work flawlessly.
D: Yes, my priority is to get this house fixed up just how you want it Dear.
A: Ok, if you insist. You truly are the best husband ever!!!

(Next scene: David has grabbed his tools and looks into office)

David: Time to finish the closet to desk conversion I started the other day.

(David sees the doors that need to be rehung and exits office)

David: Nope, not doing that.


Somehow after all this I found myself in the basement/garage and decided that there was no time like the present to start in on the clutter:

So after one truckload, to garbage cans, and a whole pile down by the street, we are coming close to having a great new usable space for arts and crafts, etc. Seriously though I intend to close off the area around the washer and dryer (if you can believe it a dryer has a tough time drying your clothes when the temperature is in the 30's) so that Adriene has an acceptable washroom. Also there may be a chance that I will build myself a little shop and possibly a closet or two down there.

I will add more pictures when I have finished the project. I guarantee that you will be amazed with the transformation. Sorry though folks Adriene owns the copyrights on all my great ideas and designs so if you were thinking about hiring me (!!!) call her.

PS. Special thanks to our newest follower. He is a good friend of ours and gave us some really good feedback after my first post. I won't leak his name out on the internets but I will post a picture. Sorry ladies, he's taken.


  1. My name is BrennanJuly 1, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    I'd like you to know that Emily caught this injustice...I would never visit such a futile website without a very good reason. Just be ready to guard your projects next time i'm there because from now on it will be my goal to set you back at square one any way i can.

  2. thanks for sharing. had same project last year but we had help from experts on basement waterproofing