Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday to me! Well, not yet, my 25th birthday is on Saturday, June 12th. We aren't planning much for my birthday, at least I don't think we are. Birthdays are usually pretty casual around here at the Simon house. We might do dinner or something. Mom might do the traditional pound cake. If you haven't ever had sour cream pound cake, you must try and make it at least once, then you'll be hooked. I love pound cake, unfortunately it does exactly that, packs on the Mom if you are reading this; let try to come up with a low-calorie/non-fat pound cake if there is such a thing! I do however want a few things for the birthday, not sure if I'll get them or not but here are a few things I've been spying!

Of course first on my wish list would be the new Droid Incredible. I refuse to change phone companies just for an iphone, plus its so fast. I've had a regular phone that does the simple stuff for ages and now I think I need to join the rest of the world and their trendy phones. Then I also want a plush down comforter for the master bedroom so that I can finally take my Audrey bedding from Pottery Barn out of its packaging. We currently are just using the quilt I bought to go with it, but it would be nice to been one step closer to finishing that room. Then maybe one of those cute low v-neck white Ts from Gap. And maybe some loafers, I know its summer but you can't pass up a cute pair of loafers which you can still wear into the fall season. I could wish for a lot more things but that would be very greedy and I'm greedy enough as it is! As for the house update, we are still working on the office. I'll have some photos to show you kids soon! 

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  1. Low fat birthday cake? Well....Claire did give me a recipe I might have to try......