Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Time Like the Present!!!

Ok, so Adriene has mentioned in the past that I should jump in and gift the world with my two cents. I guess that I have starved the world of my literary prowess for much too long now... here goes nothing.

I think that if I can add anything to this story it will be a little humor (mostly sarcasm). My lovely wife has done a great job so far, but sometimes you need to hear the story from the one who squeegees the basement and trenches out the crawl space. These are the truly fun stories!

Hopefully over the next few days, weeks, and months, I will entertain you with some of the pleasant un-pleasantries that have been suffered (I mean enjoyed) to make the house as charming as it is so far. Maybe a post on how much fun it is to mow grass at a thirty degree angle, or a tutorial on the futility of bamboo removal.

Please do not ever take my posts too seriously, or do, but know that regardless of just how much (groan) fun it seems like I am having complaining about some of these jobs, I really do love it. I am a fixer/project kind of guy and I couldn't imagine a better partner in crime to tackle this with.

So ready your laugh-ers, because the nitty-gritty is poised to come out in my posts. Remember the best part of hanging the shelves from IKEA is finding forty-seven and a half studs to attach it to!


  1. You are the #1 project man in the entire history of the book industry....

  2. That is a mouthful of a compliment. Thanks!

  3. Oh wow! You're such a handy a guy! Your wife is just sooo lucky to have someone with a sense of humor to do all that work. It really sounds like a lot. You must be a hunk...and witty too!