Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Demolition Baby!

Time to knock down walls baby! We've removed those lovely but not so great bookshelves that wrapped around the entire den and we are ready to open this place up. So with a some help from some friends...Dr. Alex, oh he's not a "real" doctor that slices and dices, he gives you those precious pills. Alex is a pharmacist and a great one too! But with Alex's help, the three of us took down the wall that was in between the kitchen nook and the den. 


Down comes the wall. It didn't take very long because the panelling came down in strips. We decided to keep the wood panelling and paint it rather than experiment with dry-wall. There weren't too many issues since it wasn't a load baring wall but David did have to get up in the attic and work on some rewiring.


Success! First there was a wall and now there is no wall.


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