Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its Time for a Plan, a Design Plan

Since I work all day on design projects or anything else that Liberal Arts might need, I decided to come up with my own design projects. I told David that we weren't going to do whatever we wanted and whenever we wanted it do it (just in terms of home updates-I'm not Kate Gosselin here!) but we were going to have a plan, a design plan. So I took room by room and came up with design boards on what I might want everything to look like.

The Kitchen, currently.

The Plan....

  • The Kitchen
    • We want to replace the countertops, update the cabinet doors, plus paint. We also need to install new flooring, solid hardwood flooring would be ideal. I would really like a darker color like saddle or mocha, so I am constantly searching websites like Lumber Liquidators, but finding good quality for the right price is getting kind of hard to find!
    • The walls will be painted a medium tan color called Churchill Hotel Wheat from Valspar and the kitchen cabinets will be painted an off-white or Linen. As for the rest of the color scheme, we plan on coordinating with our everyday china which is robin's egg blue and chocolate brown. Depending on the season, I'll use pop-colors like burnt orange, spring green, red and/or tans.
    • Dave and I want to move some things around in the kitchen too because there just isn't enough counter-space especially in a galley kitchen. I think we have a plan but I'm just not sure if I can explain it in words.
The Den, currently.

The Plan....

  • The Den
    • New hardwood flooring to match the kitchen, recessed/canned lighting and new ceiling fan. We are well on our way to painting, it is the same as the kitchen, Churchill Hotel Wheat with other accents of orange, green, brown and a dash of red to complete the color scheme for the den.
    • David has a sectional in storage which I would like to get re-upholstered. Know any affordable companies or independent upholstery "workers"? I did find a great site that you can get your fabrics for a good price.
    • As for other decor elements, I'll figure something out. I do know that I want to take most of my current picture frames and paint them and arrange a photo collage, which I'm really excited to get to that stage of the game. 
The Living Room & Dining Room, currently.


The Plan...

  • The Living Room & Dining Room Area
    • Remove carpet and install hardwood floor. Since we only have 4 stairs in the entryway, I thought I could come up with some geometric design, like in the example above. There is a great coat closet to your right once you get up the stairs but I still would like some sort of bench or "welcome area" for us and friends to put their belongings instead of possibly forgetting them in the coat closet. 
    • Color Scheme: the walls will be a lighter shade of tan in comparison to the den and the kitchen, I believe the color is called Lovely Buff by Valspar. Accent colors will be black, brown, white, cream with a pop or green and blue.
    • If you notice the hutch above, we have a hutch that David's mother gave to us and I would really like to turn it into a bar. I would like to paint the interior of the hutch to add depth and so that our glasses and other pretty little things will show up. Once I saw that picture I knew thats what I wanted to do to our hutch.
    • Furniture: For the time I will design around our cream soft leather sofa and chair. Its great furniture but just a bit bulky but comfy. We have a decent dining table and chairs that I will paint black. I want to find a bench to put on the other side of the dining table so that it will still look like one room but so that guest wouldn't feel cut off from the other conversations if they were sitting at the table. I found most of my design inspirations from Young House Love. I am a bit obsessed now. I also loved their solution behind the dining table, wall shelves from Ikea which I plan to copy, and yes I'm stealing their design. Its a compliment, and it isn't copy-righted anyway!
Well thats it for now. I have a few other plans constantly rolling around in my head, but as we told ourselves when we decided to buy the house, "One room at a time." well I'm trying to say the least. 

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