Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Things First

We were a week or so living in our house and we decided we better start working on a few things. Dave and I decided that the rooms that would need the most work is the kitchen and den. Before we even closed on our house, the seller replaced some windows by installing french doors in the den for us but we had to build a deck. Apparently, a FHA loan won't get approved if you have a door leading to no where. Well, Dave's first project was to build a deck basically in two days so we could close on the house on time. Its a small deck and we defiantly want to expand but in two days with the help of our great friend Dr. Alex, I think its pretty good. I think we might be able to build on this summer or whenever Dave can stand it anymore!


Above is a strange picture of Tux monitoring the deck construction and making sure that Dave has enough beer.


We also began taking down wallpaper, we're almost pros now.


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