Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kitchen Reno: Chapter 1

So we have painted the den now. I have recently learned that I hate painting ceilings and everything that goes with it. Its a major arm work-out and the paint drips everywhere. We are going to have to paint every ceiling in our house so its a good thing that I'll probably have awesome guns now so I can show them off. While we were finishing up the paint job in the den, we were discussing our plans for the kitchen. Well one thing led to another and we started the kitchen reno just a pinch earlier than we had planned, oops. Here are some photos of how that came to be.



We were so proud we some what finished one room, but then we looked at the kitchen and began discussing what we wanted to do about that doozie of a project. We just started ripping up things, removing cabinet doors, even removing the old dishwasher.


We didn't really stop there either. After removing the board above the cabinets we investigated underneath the sink. Dave and I had a minor mold situation so that led to removing the bottom part of the lower cabinets.


Look at that nasty, disgusting mess! Oh the horror...oh the mold! Crap.

We were able to fix that little mishap. Look at Dave's handy work.


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